Container Support

Cephei 1.8 includes Container Support, a tweak that allows jailbreak apps to be installed to /Applications but use a container like an App Store app. This enables apps to live in a more secure and sandboxed environment – all software should follow the principle of least privilege.

The advantage of using a container is that all of the data it will ever create will be within a data directory. To remove the data and start over, you could simply delete this directory. It also allows you to tell exactly what files it writes to.

Enabling a container for your app is highly recommended if the app may be submitted to the App Store. Even if it won’t be, and you aren’t doing anything that would require a jailbreak or unrestricted access to the system, enabling a container is beneficial to ensuring your app can’t do anything unexpected to system files and user data.

To have your app use a container, simply add a key to the app’s Info.plist.


After reloading the Launch Services application cache (by running uicache), the app will be in a container.

The only possible value for this key is true. Since an App Store app could easily add the same key set to false to gain unrestricted access to the device, disabling containers is not supported.