iMessage typing and read receipt indicators for the iOS status bar. https://typestatus.com/

See also: TypeStatus for Mac.

Creating a TypeStatus provider

Documentation is available at hbang.github.io/TypeStatus.

Make sure TypeStatus is already installed on your device.

Theos includes headers and a linkable framework for TypeStatus, so you don’t need to worry about copying files over from your device.

To develop a provider, create a bundle project. You can do this with a Theos makefile similar to this one:


include $(THEOS)/makefiles/common.mk

BUNDLE_NAME = MyAwesomeProvider
MyAwesomeProvider_FILES = XXXMyAwesomeProvider.m
MyAwesomeProvider_INSTALL_PATH = /Library/TypeStatus/Providers
MyAwesomeProvider_EXTRA_FRAMEWORKS = TypeStatusProvider

include $(THEOS_MAKE_PATH)/bundle.mk

A provider class subclasses from HBTSProvider. This must be the bundle’s principal class, defined in the Info.plist key NSPrincipalClass. Here is a simple example:

#import <TypeStatusProvider/TypeStatusProvider.h>

@interface XXXMyAwesomeProvider : HBLOProvider

#import "XXXMyAwesomeProvider.h"

@implementation XXXMyAwesomeProvider

- (instancetype)init {
    self = [super init];

    if (self) {
        // do your thing to set up your notifications here…

    return self;

- (void)receivedNotification:(NSNotification *)notification {
    // do your thing to get data from the notification here…
    NSString *sender = ;

    HBTSNotification *notification = [[HBTSNotification alloc] initWithType:HBTSMessageTypeTyping sender:sender iconName:nil];
    [self showNotification:notification];


Or, alternatively, just create a stub class, and use HBTSProviderController to get an instance of your provider to cal showNotification: on. For instance:

#import "XXXMyAwesomeProvider.h"

@implementation XXXMyAwesomeProvider

#import "XXXMyAwesomeProvider.h"
#import <TypeStatusProvider/TypeStatusProvider.h>

%hook XXXSomeClassInTheApp

- (void)messageReceived:(XXXMessage *)message {

    // do your thing to determine the message type and get data from the notification here…
    if (message.isTypingMessage) {
        NSString *sender = …;

        HBTSNotification *notification = [[HBTSNotification alloc] initWithType:HBTSMessageTypeTyping sender:sender iconName:nil];
        XXXMyAwesomeProvider *provider = (XXXMyAwesomeProvider *)[[HBTSProviderController sharedInstance] providerForAppIdentifier:@"com.example.awesomemessenger"];
        [provider showNotification:notification];


The iconName parameter can either be nil to use TypeStatus’s built-in icons for the predefined notification types, or the string of a status bar icon name, installed identically to the way you would for a libstatusbar icon.

You must also add ws.hbang.typestatus2 to the Depends: list in your control file. If TypeStatus isn’t present on the device, your binaries will fail to load. For example:

Depends: mobilesubstrate, something-else, some-other-package, ws.hbang.typestatus2 (>= 2.4)

You should specify the current version of TypeStatus as the minimum requirement, so you can guarantee all features you use are available.


Licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. Refer to LICENSE.md.

See About.plist and our Translations page for credits.