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Opener is a developer library for overriding link destinations. Handler packages instruct Opener whether to change the URL that’s about to be opened. For examples, refer to the source of LinkOpener and MapsOpener.

All iOS versions since 5.0 are supported, on all devices.

Documentation is available at

Integrating Opener into your Theos projects

It’s really easy to integrate Opener into a Theos project. First, install Opener on your device.

Now, copy the dynamic libraries and headers into the location you cloned Theos to. (Hopefully you have $THEOS, $THEOS_DEVICE_IP, and $THEOS_DEVICE_PORT set and exported in your shell.)

scp -rP $THEOS_DEVICE_PORT root@$THEOS_DEVICE_IP:/Library/Frameworks/Opener.framework $THEOS/lib

Next, for all projects that will be using Opener, add it to the instance’s libraries:

MyAwesomeTweak_EXTRA_FRAMEWORKS += Opener

You can now use Opener in your project.

Please note that Opener is now a framework, instead of a library. Frameworks are only properly supported with kirb/theos; other variants of Theos may or may not support it.


Licensed under Apache License, version 2.0.

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