Cephei Tweak Support

Cephei is a framework for jailbroken iOS devices that includes various convenience features for developers. Primarily, it focuses on settings-related features, but it also contains other utilties. I hope you’ll appreciate what it has to offer.

All iOS versions since 5.0 are supported, on all devices.

Documentation is available at hbang.github.io/libcephei.

Integrating Cephei into a Theos project

If you need to install Cephei, visit chariz.com/get/cephei on your device and tap the Install button.

Theos includes headers and linkable frameworks for Cephei, so you don’t need to worry about copying files over from your device. You can also find these as zipped-up SDKs on the GitHub releases page.

For all projects that will be using Cephei, add it to the instance’s frameworks list:

MyAwesomeTweak_EXTRA_FRAMEWORKS += Cephei

If you are using CepheiUI or CepheiPrefs components (refer to the sidebar of the documentation), make sure to also add those names to the frameworks list.

You can now use Cephei components in your project.

You must also add ws.hbang.common to the Depends: list in your control file. If Cephei isn’t present on the device, your binaries will fail to load. For example:

Depends: mobilesubstrate, something-else, some-other-package, ws.hbang.common (>= 1.17)

You should specify the current version of Cephei as the minimum requirement, so you can guarantee all features you use are available.

Trying it out

You can take a look at a demo of CepheiPrefs by copying /Library/PreferenceBundles/Cephei.bundle/entry.plist to /Library/PreferenceLoader/Preferences/Cephei.plist – quit and relaunch Settings if it’s open. Alternatively, you can compile Cephei yourself – when compiling a debug build, the Cephei Demo preference bundle will be visible by default.


Licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. Refer to LICENSE.md.

Header backdrop photo credit: Kristopher Roller on Unsplash