Cephei Reference


Cephei is a framework for jailbroken iOS devices that includes various convenience features for developers. Primarily, it focuses on settings-related features, but it also contains other utilties. I hope you’ll appreciate what it has to offer.

All iOS versions since 5.0 are supported, on all devices.

Documentation is available at hbang.github.io/libcephei.

Integrating Cephei into your Theos projects

It’s really easy to integrate Cephei into a Theos project. First, install Cephei on your device. It’s a hidden package in Cydia, so you’ll need to either install something that uses it – try TypeStatus – or just install it with apt-get install ws.hbang.common at the command line.

Now, copy the frameworks and headers into the location you cloned Theos to. (Hopefully you have $THEOS, $THEOS_DEVICE_IP, and $THEOS_DEVICE_PORT set and exported in your shell.)

scp -rP $THEOS_DEVICE_PORT root@$THEOS_DEVICE_IP:/Library/Frameworks/{Cephei,CepheiPrefs,TechSupport}.framework $THEOS/lib

Next, for all projects that will be using Cephei, add it to the instance’s libraries:

MyAwesomeTweak_EXTRA_FRAMEWORKS += Cephei

For all projects that will be using preferences components of Cephei, make sure you also link against CepheiPrefs.

You can now use Cephei components in your project.

You must also add ws.hbang.common to your Depends: list in your control file. If Cephei isn’t present on the device, your binary will fail to load. For example:

Depends: mobilesubstrate, something-else, some-other-package, ws.hbang.common

Please note that Cephei is now a framework, instead of a library. Frameworks are only properly supported with kirb/theos; other variants of Theos may or may not support it. For backwards compatibility, libcephei.dylib and libcepheiprefs.dylib (and even libhbangcommon.dylib and libhbangprefs.dylib) are symlinks to the corresponding binaries.

Trying it out

You can take a look at a demo of the Preferences framework-specific features of Cephei simply by copying /Library/PreferenceBundles/Cephei.bundle/entry.plist to /Library/PreferenceLoader/Preferences/Cephei.plist – quit and relaunch Settings if it’s open. Alternatively, you can compile Cephei yourself – when compiling a debug build, it will also automatically kill and relaunch the Settings app as long as you have sbutils installed.


Licensed under Apache License, version 2.0.